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2010-11-27 22:13:22 by Pollorojo

so yeah, hi

Im Back People!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-06-18 21:36:47 by Pollorojo

After not being on newgrounds for a year I came back and tried a bunch of games btw, they are fun lol
so anyway im gonna flash some more stuff but better quality, (not 1 day flashes like the ones below)

so yeah...............

let me get on it


2008-07-17 22:16:40 by Pollorojo

No comment


NEW flash

2008-07-15 15:48:48 by Pollorojo

yo peoples i made a short practice flash about fighting just like that reanimation one, I'll submit it in about two days, dam i finally made a post lol

Street Fighter Mania!

2008-05-05 20:32:13 by Pollorojo

So i was bored one day and i decided to play street fighter online, i played a little bit then i GOT ADDICTED, i mean now i know how to do all three of Ryu's combos! ( Shinku Hadoken; down+left+light punch+middle punch) I've beaten a lot of guys online. I never thought i would like it so much cause when i used to play with my cousin he would beat me up all the time cause i would take

and he would take that gay guy in the pink suit like Ryu who loves to sign autographs of himself.

Oh here's a drawing of Ryu by me. (note: i ALWAYS take Ryu in every Street fighter game i play NO ONE ELSE!)

/* */

Street Fighter Mania!

Funny Story!

2008-03-26 21:48:30 by Pollorojo

Ok let's get off the flash topic, Here's a true story:

I was with a group of friends one day who wanted to play a April Fool's joke on johnathon (a student at my school and a native dominican, he didn't know U.S. holidays) since he loved to eat so much we told him the cafeteria closed down for lunch, he got really scared and said "Why?!", then we said "APRIL FOOLS"

and he was like......

"What's that?"

This was on april first (NO DUH) and it was pretty dumb.


2008-03-08 13:47:58 by Pollorojo

Happy EASTER BREAK!!!!!!!!

I love the vacation now time to sit on my ass and watch movies all day lol


Mixed shorts

2008-03-02 10:49:05 by Pollorojo

making slyguy 3 and p shorts improved!

New and improved ,,,,

2008-02-26 18:27:05 by Pollorojo

that's the title of my solo movie runnie was just a small thing it's coming along nice

new movie

2008-02-22 15:00:02 by Pollorojo

ok i stopped momentarily with the collab cause i'm animating this other chase movie so ill finish it and ill get back to the mario movie