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Funny Story!

2008-03-26 21:48:30 by Pollorojo

Ok let's get off the flash topic, Here's a true story:

I was with a group of friends one day who wanted to play a April Fool's joke on johnathon (a student at my school and a native dominican, he didn't know U.S. holidays) since he loved to eat so much we told him the cafeteria closed down for lunch, he got really scared and said "Why?!", then we said "APRIL FOOLS"

and he was like......

"What's that?"

This was on april first (NO DUH) and it was pretty dumb.


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2008-03-26 21:49:24

See????? now follow my example and COMMENT ME!


2008-03-26 22:26:36

I hate homework :( Lab Bio is the worst X( anyways, can't wait to see the collab :D

Pollorojo responds:

thanks, yeah The worst subject in my school is science, I hate that midget teacher who always gets angry at me for dumb reasons, she even gave me a detention for drawing in my notebook, lol funny thing is that i get 91 in her class lol


2008-03-26 22:49:46

If you need some ideas then check out my Flash! It's full of them!! /432075

Pollorojo responds:

thanks for comment, i 5d it it's awesome dude thanks


2008-03-26 23:56:45

ok this is how a collab works..
first a bunch of people in the collab send in thier stuff
the ones who started the collab will choose the best out of them all
then they put the best ones in the movie.

i dont think they are going to take your stuff...
but i could be wrong...

(Updated ) Pollorojo responds:

Not that you could be wrong, YOU ARE WRONG each person animates their part and finally it's all put put together

anyway dude have you finished your awesome project yet? give me something to be proud of dude


2008-03-27 22:14:27

i don't like homework either. i foreget to do it and then i get a 0. hello nice to meet you.

Pollorojo responds:

Yep me too, hi nice to meet you too dude, I had ths daydream where my homework came to life and ate my teacher lol.


2008-03-28 07:23:43

well... i dont know... i will say ''cool''

as for HW, it sucks. aloot

(Updated ) Pollorojo responds:

Um yeah Most of the homework i get sucks ass


2008-03-31 23:14:27

Look forward to the flash ;)

Pollorojo responds:

Yo thanks dude


2008-04-06 20:02:31

So people what happened to commenting me have you all stopped??!!!!! COMMENT ME NOW PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR ILL COMMENT MYSELF wait nah better you comment me


2008-04-15 22:31:04

i comment... things

Pollorojo responds:

I reply... things


2008-04-20 15:21:53

come join my anti-betty clan.

Pollorojo responds:

Yah really? awesome cause i'm bored and i wanna hate lol


2008-04-21 21:24:21

Hey man check out my page I have a hilarious video there!

Pollorojo responds:

Ok i did it's awesome dude


2008-04-22 21:40:54

lol, nothing really happens at our school on April fools day XD we're boring

Pollorojo responds:



2008-04-25 20:44:03

then he exploded

Pollorojo responds:

what? lol well actually the funny thing is that he wasn't fat lol